GIGS is a web-based application which we call it as, All in One Services Market Place and Be ready for a instant services/tasks matketplace.

Need a marketplace to sell products? Is your idea to facilitate peer-to-peer rentals? Or maybe a site for booking services? No worries - we support all types of marketplaces! And your merchants and buyers can be individuals or companies.

The service marketplace is your one-stop shop for a wide range of services in key functional categories. The diverse range of services expands the functionality of the platform to cover all of your workforce management needs.

Easily manage and moderate your marketplace from our admin dashboard. Connect Google Analytics to get a detailed view of what is going on.

To Install GIGS please follow the following easy steps

  1. Copy the files to your webserver mostly to your www root or htdocs folder
  2. Create database in your server using phpmyadmin or any application to create database in your server
  3. Open up your browser and type in this address
    note: the URL link will depend on the folder where in you install the files

    You should see the screen below:

  4. Enter your database access credential And click next
    Note: the database should be created before proceeding with the below steps

    If all process is successful you should see the below screen

    Enter your website information

    Set Gigs price, Set the Theme(Select), Set additional gigs price and Finally admin commission in %

  5. After you successfuly finish the above all the steps Site will be installed in your computer

    This is your sample front-end & admin-panel site URL's



Dashboard for Vendor

Enhanced Dashboard for Vendors (Seller) to view the business details in graphical mode which include:

Reports generation

Reports can generated from the admin panel use it to produce a document in a format which satisfies a particular human readership. (PDF format).


Added filter options to find out the details eg ( Purchase, sales and payment )on a particular details which will be helpful to fetch details from a bunch of information.

Admin Commissions or Subscription

Our application have new business look, will work on both commission and subscription basis. This feature will be an optional where admin need to confirm whether the business should run on commission or in subscription basis. So we implemented a subscription management (Subscription Name, Subscription Period and Subscription Rate) by adding their plan and period and cost. Also, free subscription can be utilized for trail purpose. It can be changed just by enabling and disabling at the admin panel as required.
As of now the subscription notification email will reach seller 3 days before from the due date. If the seller failed to pay subscription fees his gigs will not be published.
* Commission module works as usual




Forgot Password

If the user forgot the password for login, a reset email link will be sent to registered email address. If the user clicks the link it will be navigated to the password reset page.

Buy Service

How to buy a particular service

User can see all the available gigs. User wants to buy a particular service, click buy now button.

User will be navigated to payment gateway to pay for the service.

How to contact seller

At the time of selecting service, Buyer has the option to contact the seller via chat. Seller will answer all the queries.

How to provide feedback

Once the service is completed, buyer has the option to provide feedback about the work done by the seller.

How to cancel the order

Buyer has the option to cancel the serviceany time before the work is completed by the Seller.

Cancel request accepted by the seller the amount will be refunded to the same PayPal account.

Seller has option to cancel the order before starting the service.

Sell Service

It is one of the important concepts in the application. This is where; one can create a gig used for selling purpose.

How to create a Gig

A Gig can be created by using the following procedure:

They include:

Also the user can upload photos about the work seller made, upload videos connected to gig.

Seller can also attach the video from Youtube and Vimeo.

User has the option to add more details about the gig which help buyer to understand much better.

Earn extra money

This is where add-on services would be provided by seller at extra cost.

Super fast delivery

Once every detail are provided, clicking Post Your Ad to complete the gig.

How to start a work

Once buyer request the service order status will be in new in Sales page. If seller starts the work status will be processing.

How to complete work

Once service is completed by the seller, status changes to Complete

How to decline the service

If seller doesn’t want to accept the service request from the buyer, seller has option to decline.

Once service is declined, refund will be processed to the buyer.

How to receive the payment

Once services is completed, Seller can withdraw payment for that particular service or for the entire services.

How to get a feedback from buyer

Once service is completed, buyer has the options to provide a feedback about the services rendered. Seller can reply to the given feedback.



In this, user would be able to see the to and fro messages that was shared with the buyers or the sellers. Chat application for communication between buyer and seller.


In this section, buyer details would be stored here. If any user bought our services, alert would be sent to the seller. Full details about the name of the purchaser and time of purchase made would be listed here.


Account Settings

Change Password

To change password, user has to provide old password, new password and repeat password has to be matched. Once clicking Save button, password would be changed.

Profile Settings

Fields like Email, phone, and address details would be seen here. Also, changes can be made to the fields here. Email and username are default that cannot be changed.

Changes can be made to the following fields:

On clicking save button, any of the above details can be changed.

Payment Settings

This is where email address which related to payment would be visible here. If user wishes to change email address for the payment related purposes, it can be done here.


Profile details about the user would be visible here. Basic details about the user and the gigs created by that particular user would be stored here.

My Orders

Details about gigs purchased, gigs sold and payments related for buying and selling would be listed here.

My Gigs

Gigs created by the user for selling purposes would be listed here.

My Sales

Sales that are made by the user would be listed here.

Digital Downloads(NEW)

Click ordered Gigs in "My Sales Tap" You have option for "Digital Downloads" in a new popup window.

In "Digital Downloads", You can track and download each level of your Gigs status

My Payments

Payment received details for the gigs bought by others would be listed here.


Once you click the button, user would logout of the application.



Default page after successful login by admin. Following details are visible to admin.

Gigs Category

Admin has the option to add new category type here. Also, has an option to Edit or Delete already category here.

Manage Gigs

If admin wants to make any changes to already created Gigs, it can be done here.


Incoming Withdrawal

After completing of the service, seller would request for payment. Admin would process the payment deducting commission amount.

Paid Withdrawal

Details of all the completed payments to the seller would be displayed here.


Total Orders

Admin can see total number of orders used for buying and selling.

Completed Orders

Total number of orders completed, payment processed successfully to seller.

Pending Orders

Seller yet to confirm the service request from buyer.

Cancelled Orders

Orders canceled by buyer for any reason. Eg: Seller has yet to start work. In this case, payment will be processed to the buyer.

Declined Orders

Orders declined by seller. In this case, payment would be processed to the buyer.

Payment Settings

Admin can assign new and change PayPal email address and password.

Please Note: By default, we have provided sample Sandbox ID. Please add your Paypal Settings accordingly


This is where admin has an option to make any changes to the panel.

General Settings

Admin can make changes to the following here:


Fixed Pricing

Seller can't change or choose the price for their Gigs because of ADMIN settings. Fixed Pricing option ADMIN only fix the price of a GIGS

Dynamic Pricing

If ADMIN choose the "Dynamic Pricing" option than seller can choose or change the price of their Gigs

Email Settings

Use this setting for send and receive mail's.


Any update released as a new version would be notified, admin would be able to download it.
After download the files just "Click Upload Button" the and upload into the server.


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Backup DB

Database backup can be done on Admin wish.

PayPal Settings

PayPal username and password can be added here.

Email Template

Pre-defined email template to be sent to all the registered users would be found here. Some of them are


Admin would be able to see number of users available. Admin has the right to Active or Inactive any user.

Client List

Admin can activate or inactivate any particular client in this module.


Footer is a widget in the frontend. Admin has the option to add or delete any number of widget in the website.

To run the product, You need the followings

Operating Systems Windows, Mac, Linux
Software Xamp(PHP, MySQL 5.6)
Browser Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc

If you have any queries please contact us through


Version 3.1
		- Added - Language Option for Mobile Apps
		Note: Now, Admin can separately choose the languages to Web & Mobile
Version 3.0
		- Added - New Orange Theme included
		- Added - Payment Gateway
Version 2.1.2
		- Fixed - Added title in subscription page
		- Fixed - Default placeholders in home page
Version 2.1.1
		- Fixed - RTL Responsive
Version 2.1

		- New - Dashboard for Vendor
		- New - Reports	Generation
		- New - New Filters

		- Fixed - Gigs Category
		- 1) Made the first column as Parent category
		- 2) Implemented multi selection for delete option
		- 3) Script restriction in and out field
		- Fixed - Gigs Orders - Mail notification in active and active for gigs
		- Fixed - General Settings - Added Social log in Instagram and playstore & Apple Store
		- Fixed - Policy Setting - Policy settings has been replaced as Placeholder.
		- Fixed - Profession - Implemented multi selection for delete option
		- Fixed - Term -	Implemented multi selection for delete option
		- Fixed - Email Template - Added contact us mail template
		- Fixed - Footer - Added contact us mail template
Version 2.0.3
		- New - Front end RTL format design
		- New - Language Translator module
		- New - Social Log in option like Facebook & Gmail

		- Fixed - Error occurs in the breadcrumb navigation
		- Fixed - Error message for password field is missing
		- Fixed - Error message for password field is missing
		- Fixed - Tab focus not working
		- Fixed - Change Password not working properly 
		- Fixed - reset my password link not working
		- Fixed - Phone number field is not validated properly
		- Fixed - Field validations are not getting cleared next time
		- Fixed - Nothing is displayed in the inbox for file of extension other than jpg,png 
		- Fixed - Removed file not getting added again 
		- Fixed - Payment setting field details are not validated properly
		- Fixed - Change Password not working properly 
		- Fixed - Error message for password field is missing
		- Fixed - Unnecessary error message is showing 
		- Fixed - Max file size not set for upload video option 
		- Fixed - price for extras and superfast not validated properly
		- Fixed - Message is not getting displayed for successful edit
		- Fixed - Transaction success but displayed as failed
		- Fixed - Stripe account details not validated properly
		- Fixed - Order status change not working properly
		- Fixed - Paypal email id field not validated properly
		- Fixed - Validations are displayed in focus to input fields
		- Fixed - Php error occured
		- Fixed - "SUPER_ATAQUE_XSS_JUAJUAJUA " message is displayed
		- Fixed - Change the status to cancel
		- Fixed - search option is not working
		- Fixed - stripe and paypal function is not working
		- Fixed - Chat list not displaying all the chat users list
		- Fixed - Change the success message for deactivating the gig
		- Fixed - Change the message while adding a profession
		- Fixed - Change the message while editing a profession
		- Fixed - Deactivated user can able to login again by using the mail sent during registartion
		- Fixed - search results are based only on one page results but not filtering overall 
		- Fixed - search results are based only on one page results but not filtering overall 
		- Fixed - Process payment not working for cancelled orders
		- Fixed - All the labels and text boxes are getting highlighted in green 
		- Fixed - Alert is displayed in users page as ' says Ali Alipur'
		- Fixed - Empty pages are displayed
		- Fixed - Process payment button not displayed for completed orders
		- Fixed - Text boxes are not displayed when keyboard is displyed in landscape
		- Fixed - Request for amount withdraw is not working properly when payment details is nil
		- Fixed - price format mismatch
		- Fixed - price mismatch
		- Fixed - Order details like product name, buyer, seller name mismatch
		- Fixed - price format mismatch in order details after transaction succeeds 
		- Fixed - Irrevelant error message is getting displayed
		- Fixed - Input fields are not validated properly
		- Fixed - Input fields are not validated properly
VERSION 1.0 to 2.0.2
		- Fixed - Gigs search module gigs country missing issues have been fixed.
		- Fixed - Payment setting PayPal sandbox, live option issue has been fixed
		- Fixed - The email template logo missing issue has been fixed
		- Fixed - Buyer can compete accept/ reject request feature has been added
		- Fixed - Gigs view count will be increased based on the user id each user one time only
		- Fixed - Gigs installation process has been made only on time. using Envato purchase ID
		- Fixed - User panel flag has been removed
		- Fixed - Mobile API mail configuration setting update

At the time of Registration

If you are running in localhost the eMail function will not work.

To overcome that, In the admin panel make your eMail address active.